If you've enjoyed Sequim Bee Farm honey, or used Sequim Bee Farm lip balm, beeswax candles, or wood polish, please let us know what you think!  Email your comments to us or review us on google.

Local Honey Reviews on Google

We have tried their honey and LOVE it! Truly natural and delicious!

Mark Eisenstadt

Sequim Bee Farm is not like any other bee they make amazing fire starters that help keep fires burning when I'm camping. I can even get greener wood to burn with them. Great in my emergency pack. Her honey is fantastic. Rich, full of taste, nothing like store honey. It's the best honey I have ever tasted.

Tyler H.
Port Angeles, WA

A big shout out to the sequim bee farm ... Body lotion and furniture polish are lush!

Jayne R. Belfast
Northern Ireland

Sequim Bee Farm honey is so delicious and I use it as a primary therapy to help control my year round allergies. I use it in all my cooking and baking and the best way is straight off a spoon!

The attention to detail of producing a high quality product shows in every jar I buy!

Gina S.
Boston, MA