Organically Grown Honey

Organically Grown Honey

Do we sell Organically Grown Honey?


We are often asked if our honey is Organic.

We do not label our honey as organic, intentionally.

According to

Honey is not included in the USDA’s National Organic Standard; this means there is no legal definition of organic U.S. honey.

Arthur Harvey of the International Association of Organic Inspectors, stated in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer newspaper in 2008 that “what the USDA has said is that you can certify any product as organic as long as you comply with existing regulation, but there are no regulations for honey.

That means the green USDA organic sticker on honey is meaningless.”

Think of it this way. When a farmer grows an organic garden, they can control all sorts of factors; the soil, the seeds, treatments and management. However, this is not the case with bees. Bees have the ability to forage and fly up to 5 miles away from the hive. Our organic farmers' cabbages never wander that far from home.

The likelihood of the bees coming into contact with non-organic products is rather high, so how in good faith can we (or any other beekeeper and bee product producer) label and market our honey as Organic?