Honey is Nature's perfect food, enjoyed for thousands of years all over the world. 

Our honey is always sweet, but the flavors come in a broad range from light and delicate to dark and robust.  It is never pasteurized, always bottled directly from the comb.

Sequim Bee Farm is proud to offer several varieties of honey, all local to the Pacific Northwest.

Natural Blackberry Honey- A light honey with a delicate fruity essence. Our Blackberry honey comes from large tracts of bushes found miles up Deer Park Road. This is Beekeeper Buddy's favorite! 

Good Food Award Winner 2017

Natural Fireweed Honey- Another light honey, with a classic, rich flavor. The fireweed is a tall, spindly purple flowering plant, known to be one of the first plants that returns after forest fires, hence the name. Fireweed honey is great for cooking or by spoonfuls straight from the jar.

Good Food Award Winner 2016

Natural Lavender Honey- Did you know that lavender honey does not have the strong, distinctive lavender taste? Unless the lavender plant is infused into it, the honey that is produced by bees in the lavender fields is light, bright, and surprisingly versatile.

Natural Meadowfoam Honey- The specialty honey of the Pacific Northwest according to Sunset Magazine, the Meadowfoam flower is a lovely white ground cover that blooms in the spring. The taste of meadowfoam honey is truly unique. Often described as Vanilla-Caramel or Marshmallow flavored, this is raw honey without any additives.  We thank the nectar source for the unusual flavor.

Natural Wildflower Honey- Our award-winning specialty, our wildflower honey is a season-long collection of higher altitude flora. This produces a honey that is clear with a fuller flavor palate.

Natural Clover Honey- Raw clover honey is nothing like the bears on the store shelves. This honey is an old-fashioned favorite.

Raw Buckwheat Honey- Dark and robust, this honey is reminiscent of molasses with deep herbal tones.  Sourced from friends in Eastern Washington, this is a specialty honey that is hard to find.

Natural Blackberry Honey