Natural Beeswax Candles-  There are no other candles like beeswax candles. 

Historically significant, beeswax candles burn cleaner and longer than other waxes. Unlike petroleum-based paraffin waxes that smoke, drip, and release chemicals into the air, beeswax produces minimal smoke, is not prone to dripping, and may actually help clean the air. 

Their burn time is longer than other candles due to a higher melting point.

  • Tapers- 12” tall, elegant and lovely. Burn time exceeds 20 hours with ~ 4 ½  ounces
  • Tins- Natural beeswax or lightly scented with lavender essential oil. These are perfect for travel or around the home.
    • Medium- ~ 4 ounces with about a 10-hour burn time.
    • Large-  ~ 7 ounces with about a 20-hour burn time.
  • Honey Bubbles-  Back by popular demand! Handcrafted luminaria that conceal a small, battery operated tealight (included!).
    • The warm glow of the honey bubble will fill your room with the scent of honey, without an open flame. Office safe.
  • Rolled Votive-  Pressed foundation used in the hives is rolled into votive-size candles. 
    • ~ 1 ounce with about a 4-hour burn time.